Hliníkové profily

Tatprof is in the aluminum profiles industry.


„TATPROF“ LLC in the structure of „RASSTAL“ management – the company ranks among the three leading Russian manufacturers of aluminium extrusion.

RASSTAL Corporation is the biggest Russian developer and manufacturer of aluminium extrusions. More about finishing systems for the industry of aluminum profiles.

Range of products:

  • TATPROF construction cladding structures
  • Interior structures
  • Drawing profiles

Tatprof has two ideal-line finishing systems, one is from 2008 and one is from 2011.

The line from 2008 is a system for 1.5-2 m/min. Three chamber pretreatment systems and power and free conveyor. The line is very compact, but still with a high throughput .The system is gas heated – indirect curing oven. A stainless steel booth from ideal-line was installed, including spray guns from company Gema.

In 2011 the second line for white colour only was bought. This line is a high speed line, 3 m/min, again with a power and free conveyor. The pretreatment is a tunnel pretreatment with a blow-off zone in an 8 m long intermediate zone.

The booth from the first line was used for the second line, and a FCC line from company Wagner was installed in the first line. At the same time spray guns were exchanged in the second line.

High speed line for white and for white only, and at the same time a possibility to run many colours in the other line, but still with the same high quality as company Tatprof is known for.

We can help you get the best finishing system customized to your products.

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