Automobilový průmysl

Kremenchug is in the automotive industry and we have delivered their finishing system.


Kremenchug is the largest manufacturer of steel rims when measured in diversity.

Very few have such a general and large number of models in their production – varying from small cars to very big off highway machines.

AABO-IDEAL designed this finishing system for Kremenchug:

Implementation in existing line with double line for e-coat, but in one e-coat unit.

The line has the advantage of being compact and also it has a low energy consumption.

Focus point for this customer was ideal-line‘s:

  • profound process knowledge
  • our fast reactions during sale
  • very good record of project management
  • short delivery time

The products from the Kremenchug company are steel rims for off highways as well as car manufacturer.

Products & parts

Ø (mm): from 250 up to 1500 mm
Weight: up to 600 kg
Conveyor speed: 2 x 2,5 m/min

We can help you get the best finishing system customized to your products.

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