Zakázkové lakování

Konga Måleri is a Swedish big capacity job coater.

Konga Måleri produces and surface treats sheet metal, wrought and cast iron products, and with a primary focus on customers in the automotive, agricultural, construction and civil engineering industries.

The company is situated in southern Sweden, close to the domestic customers and to the quick and easy transport route out into Europe.

The plant was delivered and installed in first half of 2018, and the project included full instalation.

Design criteria

Dimensions of the items going through the finishing line are:
L 4000 x W 1200 x H 1400 mm, and a maximum weight per item of 1000 kg.

Plant equipment

  • Zn-Mn phosphating process, 10 stages
  • Water based e-coat/KTL
  • Curring oven with 3 tracks
  • Powder coating

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