Automobilový průmysl

Vibaco is based in Mexico and is a big player within the automotive industry.

Vibaco has a manufacturing plant of 2,670 m2; a mechanical metal plant of 3045 m2, and a distribution center of 1907 m2, to cover manufacturing needs such as: Laser cut, tube cut, foil doubles, tube doubles, chome automated, electrostatic automated, packing line, electric assembly line, surface mount technology and plastic injection.

The plant was delivered and installed at the end of 2019, and the project included full instalation.

Design criteria

Dimensions of the items going through the finishing line are:
L 2200 x W 800 x H 1400 mm, and a maximum weight per item of 80 kg.

Plant equipment

  • Pretreatment, 5 stages
  • Drying and curing oven
  • Powder spray booth
  • Coveyor system
  • WWTP
  • Control system

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