Zakázkové lakování

SIFA is a job coater and complete supplier in Norway.

SIFA processes all types of sheet metal, from prototypes to large series.

Sifa is a complete supplier from idea to finished product: construction / drawing, punching, laser cutting, water cutting, cracking / rolling, welding, painting, mounting etc. ­­- as well as good partners in machining / milling / surface treatment.

The plant was delivered and installed in mid 2019, and the project included full instalation.

Design criteria

Dimensions of the items going through the finishing line are:
L 2500 x W 500 x H 2000 mm, and a maximum weight per item of 100 kg.

Plant equipment

  • Pretreatment, 6 stages
  • Coveyor system
  • Drying and curing oven
  • Control system

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