Zakázkové lakování

The possibility to handle many color changes and product dimensions


A job coater, who has a finishing system able to handle very small parts but also up to 4 m aluminium profiles. More about the industry of aluminum profiles.

Slot-up conveyor with a conveyor speed is 1 m/min, and the line is for powder coating with four stages pretreatment with multi metallic passivation so they can run steel, galvanized materials and also aluminium parts.

Standard line setup fitted into limited space. Fast colour change booth. They needed to cover the increased demand for capacity and also for a very high quality demand.

The company Kovotex was established in the year 1990 as a job coating supplier. They started with small filter booths with box ovens, shot-blasting for large products and dip pretreatment for parts made of aluminium. Because of increasing amounts of demands they decided for a new automatic line with multi metallic pretreatment in accordance with Qualicoat.

Products & parts

The dimensions are:
L x W x H (mm)
600 x 1500 x 4000

We can help you get the best finishing system customized to your products.

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