Dip ovens

A dip oven is usually used for manual or automatic crane systems in which dip heat treatment is required during the finishing process.

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The AABO-IDEAL dip ovens are available for use at several temperature levels. This means our ovens are available with a variety of different insulation layers and constructions:

  • 0 -100oC         :   100 mm
  • 100 – 250oC   :   200 or 310 mm
  • 250 – 550oC   :   450 mm

The dip ovens are designed as a ‘floating’ internal core, suspended using a minimum of contact points to the bearing external construction. This minimizes the development of a heat bridge.


To ensure optimum energy utilization the dip ovens are all based on the convection principle.


The products or items can be dipped automatically by means of a descent in the conveyor system or by means of a rising/lowering device.


The paint tank consists of a stable welded construction with a shape adapted to the products and the conveyor guiding. The tank is stiffened with a steel construction.

The outlet is provided with a filter for protection of the pump. The pump is chosen individually according to the paint type used.


If the paint requires a constant temperature for the application, the paint tank can be provided with a temperature control. The temperature regulation can be done by a heat exchanger or by means of a double wall tank with water circulation.

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