Powder Coating Lines

Powder coating comes in two versions:

  • Thermo curing
  • Thermo plastic

Both versions have advantages and different ways of being applied as well as heat treated after application. We have a wide experience with both systems.

Thermo curing

Thermo curing is most often electrostatically applied by spraying in a booth provided with a recovery system with cyclone or filter only. Often the booth system used is a fast colour change system.

After application the powder is cured in an oven, either infrared or convection or a combination, at approximately 80-220oC.

Thermo plastic

Thermo plastic powders (like e.g. nylon) are usually applied by dipping (sintering) in a fluidized powder hopper.

The products or items are preheated to 200-300oC and then dipped into the powder. Often no further process is needed.

This process is used when the products or items have the need for a thicker layer, or if they have a complex interior geometry.

Complete systems

AABO-IDEAL can supply complete systems including booth, cyclones, filter and reciprocator.

We have a high level of expertise in managing finishing line projects. This makes us the preferred choice for many suppliers and we therefore have a strong network of partners in the industry.

We can deliver the complete application system from one of our partners, when our customer has this as a preference, or when the more advanced systems are needed, like fast colour changes – very advanced control systems for reciprocators and guns etc.

In case a more technical and basic system is requested, and a more moderate investment is the preference, we can offer our own production of booth – recovery system, and we then buy the guns from one of our partners.

In both cases we will make the choice in a close discussion with our customer.

Contact us for more info on this type of system or just see who your contact person is in your country.