Control systems

Our focal points when developing controls for finishing systems are:

  • Easy operation
  • Reliable operation
  • Retrievable data and history
  • Build-in systems to save energy
  • Safe back-up
  • Interface for online service

We provide a control system with an exact overview of service, maintenance, optimizing of the task and increased eco-friendly energy consumption.

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A typical PLC based control with large touch screen for easy operation:

  • Intuitive user interface
  • Overriding systems integrable
  • Possibility of user manual in the control
  • Complete calendar to monitor working
  • Start-up/shutdown and service
  • Built-in energy saving functions


Extended monitoring makes it possible to overview the consumption of electricity, gas and water. The control system can also include features such as throughput in kg/hour. This is a way for the control system to give an exact overview of the work. The analysis of the cost price can then be further specified and at the same time more accurate.

Online service for control systems

In general all our systems are designed to run online service through VPN connection enabling AABO-IDEAL to supervise the painting line online (VPN connection must be available to us).

Environmentally friendly systems

As the environment is essential to us, we do our utmost to make our controls an active part in saving energy to the benefit of customers and the environment. This is done e.g. through use of frequency changers, cutting the energy consumption when the load is reduced, giving direct savings in the daily operation.

Gap control

Exact product detection optimizes the operation further as it starts/stops the painting line processes (e.g. pretreatment, application) if no product or item is coming through. When using Gap Control, the painting line runs optimally and saves energy.

AABO-IDEAL Group has designed and developed a new rinse and pump system. In a 5-stage pretreatment with seven pumps of totally 28 kW, you can save up to 8 kW.

The AABO-IDEAL control system gives overview of service and maintenance, optimizing of the operation and more eco-friendly energy consumption.

Contact us for more info. At AABO-IDEAL Group, we place great emphasis in guiding our customers to make the right choice of control system.