Code of Conduct

Everybody working for AABO-IDEAL has a joint responsibility for enabling the company to evolve and grow.

We are all stakeholders and culture bearers, and our behavior and decisions must comply with the content of our Code of Conduct.

This Code is binding for us all, and we require all entities, contractors and employees worldwide to operate according to the law and within the frame of our Code of Conduct.



Whistleblower scheme

The law obliges all employers to set up a whistleblower scheme. AABO-IDEAL has therefore established a whistleblower scheme, which is administered by a law firm.

The objective of the whistleblower policy is to bring matters to light that we would not know otherwise. This could be suspicion or knowledge of any illegal, unethical, irregular conducts or criminal offences committed within the company, and thereby also violations of our Code of Conduct.

All entities, contractors and employees worldwide have been informed of the whistleblower scheme, and how to raise concerns.

If you feel the need to raise serious concerns, you can go directly to the AABO-IDEAL whistleblower scheme by using this link: