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A finishing line often includes processes requiring either heating, the use of pumps or fans etc., which means it requires a substantial amount of energy.

In any finishing line you will also typically find different forms of chemical treatment and water rinsing processes as well as the usage of a great deal of water. This means production of waste materials.

At AABO-IDEAL Group we design and manufacture all plants and components having energy efficient and environmentally friendly solutions very much in mind, and our product development also aims to include several aspects of energy optimization and CO2 savings.

We are continuing our work in that direction, and to ensure reduction of energy consumption and CO2 emissions even further, we have developed a variety of energy optimizing options you can add to your line. We call it GO GREENER.


GO GREENER with us!

GO GREENER is the name of AABO-IDEAL’s energy-conscious package of optimizing options.

We focus on creating efficient energy-saving solutions and ensure energy recovery where possible.

At AABO-IDEAL we work continuously to develop optimizing measures towards lower energy consumption with maximum energy recovery in our lines, and to closely follow the technological development.

Global Goal 13

Both the UN Global Goals and climate legislations are increasingly capturing the industry’s attention – both with us and with our customers.

The surface treatment industry has relatively large CO2 emissions, e.g., large consumption of energy in the surface treatment process. AABO-IDEAL’s purpose with GO GREENER is to offer our customers a range of options in the green direction whilst keeping up the top quality at the same time.

With GO GREENER we want, among other things, to contribute to Global Goal 13, and make it easier for our customers to see through the various benefits of energy optimization.

Benefits of energy optimizations

Our approach to Global Goal 13 is believing that the sooner we start minimizing CO2 emissions, the better. We all have a responsibility, and AABO-IDEAL wants to contribute and help our customers to be able to contribute as well.

It is an ongoing task, and in the coming years we will continuously expand with new initiatives in line with the development. Climate efforts have a major focus at AABO-IDEAL, and we want to make it easier for our customers to fully comprehend how energy optimizations are profitable on several levels.

Some of the benefits an energy optimization may result in includes an improved bottom line, increased competitiveness, optimized production and concrete key figures for initiatives regarding CO2 savings.

Key figures and counselling

In recent years, AABO-IDEAL has worked intensively to make calculations and tools to be able to advise on and document the energy optimizing choices our customers want in their plants.

We offer our customers to select from a range of energy optimizing options. Some want the complete package since they have a green profile as a goal. Others choose a few individual measures to improve their CO2 figures and energy consumption.

Our position is: rather start small than not start at all. Our primary task is to help customers with advice and to provide them with a decision basis making it easier to make the choice suited for their particular business.

Our solutions – the bottom line

Our solutions vary a great deal in size and complexity, and there are therefore many different options when it comes to energy optimizations.

However, in the vast majority of our plants, we will be able to achieve a significant reduction of CO2 emissions by choosing the energy optimizing options from our GO GREENER package. The reduction is calculated using a tool developed by an external engineering company and based on screenings and calculations on selected real time running AABO-IDEAL surface treatment lines.

On a standard system, with various energy optimizing GO GREENER initiatives, we will be able to calculate CO2 savings of up to 20%, and with a return of investment of approx. 2 years.

Let us do the same for you

We have the means to calculate your energy and CO2 savings per year – and not the least the savings on the bottom line – based on our GO GREENER energy optimizing options, and the key values and numbers of your plant.

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