The company and its history

AABO-IDEAL GROUP is a company with Headquarters in Vester Aaby, Denmark.

The company of today is the result of a merger, the establishment of subsidiaries and the acquisition of complementary and competing companies.


The merger and the new identity
A merger was the starting point for the current name and brand: AABO-IDEAL.

The two companies deciding to merge in ultimo 2018 were the former competitors E. Aabo Andersen (AABO) and IDEAL-LINE, both situated on Funen in Svendborg and Vester Aaby respectively.

IDEAL-LINE’s history
The history of Ideal-Line goes all the way back to the beginning of the 1900s where the company produced boat motors for the fishing industry (IDEAL motors). In the beginning of the 1960s they started producing process lines for surface treatment instead, since the potential in this market was much larger.

Aabo Andersen’s history
In 1980 the company E. Aabo Andersen A/S was founded and was thus a new and competitive player on the market for equipment and lines for surface treatment.

Growth through acquisitions
Based on AABO-IDEAL’s desire for further growth and strengthening of the company’s competencies, the next step on the journey was the 2021 acquisition of the leading competitor in Sweden: GREIFF Industrimiljø AB.

GREIFF’s history
GREIFF was founded in 1922 in Norway and moved to Sweden a few years later. In 1992, GREIFF purchased a new modern property in Motala, with space for production as well.

This location is still the base for the team in Sweden today, which is now the AABO-IDEAL Expert Center for wet paint, GO GREENER and air handling.

Acquisition in the German market
With the aim of growth and being closer to the customers in the German market/DACH region, a purchase agreement was made in 2023 with the German company AB Anlagenplanung GmbH, which hereafter became AABO-IDEAL GmbH.

AB Anlagenplanung’s history
The foundation of the AB Group was laid in 1976, and in 1989 AB Anlagenplanung GmbH was established as a planning and consulting office for painting and surface treatment systems.

Today, AABO-IDEAL GmbH handles both sales and service throughout the DACH region from the office in Achim.


AABO-IDEAL – a strong and close partner

Today, AABO-IDEAL is an even stronger company and major supplier of surface treatment systems. We have a big and efficient service set-up, and we are very close to our customers which results in short response time and fast delivery of spare parts, service, and support,

Growth is not a goal in itself – but being close to our customers is!

AABO-IDEAL Group is now represented by sales and service companies in Denmark, Sweden, Poland, Mexico, Czech Republic, and Germany. Combined with our competent agent network in the rest of the world, we ensure that we are close to our customers and can offer advice and fast service when needed.

AABO-IDEAL has an ambitious strategy and vision, and the goal is to grow and develop ourselves so that we become among the 5 most preferred suppliers of surface treatment systems worldwide.