Drying and curing ovens

We produce two types of ovens:

The two types are divided into the categories:

3D designed channels for optimal heat distribution ensure our well-known even temperature distribution.

Our special designed burner unit – either electrical or gas – with high class insulation and efficient ventilation units, makes sure that as much as possible of the airflow ventilates.

The high-quality galvanized steel construction suits the oven temperature and purpose, and improves the corrosion resistance.

A detachable steel cassette on the outside of the oven, makes it easy to check and replace the insulation material. Service of the circulation and heating units is solely and unimpeded carried out from the outside of the oven.

The bearing capacity of the oven is not dependent on the insulation contrary to the construction of panel ovens.

Temperature zones are chosen if it serves the function of the oven. Also all ovens are sealed to ensure very small energy loss.

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