Wet paint

Our wet paint lines are all custom designed and thus different from each other.

Regardless of your requirements, we can guide you to the very best and efficient solution ensuring:

  • Thorough and precise layout planning
  • Optimum workflow
  • An optimal pretreatment
  • The most energy efficient solution through optimization and energy recovery

As our customer, you will benefit from us being a full-service supplier:

  • Guidance and counseling based on many years of experience and know-how
  • Easy access to information, documentation, and maintenance instructions for your line on our WE SHARE site
  • Quick response regarding service and spare parts, online as well as on site

Planning and producing your wet paint line

When planning a wet paint line, there are several important factors to consider. We have listed the key considerations giving the best solution both short and long term.

Working with us, we will make our extensive experience and know-how available to you, and guide you through the planning phase, creating an efficient wet paint line that meets the production requirements while ensuring high quality, safety, and environmental compliance.

  • Application principle
  • Type of function
    Robot operated
  • Spray booths
    Dry filtration
    Wet filtration
    Spray room
  • Flash-off
    Temperature management
    Humidity control
    Time and temperature
  • Drying and curing
    Humidity control
  • Ventilation
    Air volume
    Air speed, requirements
    Heat recovery
    Air conditioning
  • Conveyor systems
    Manual conveyor
    Single conveyor
    Roller conveyor
    Friction conveyor
  • Pretreatment
    Laser cleaning
  • In general
    Classification plan
    regarding explosion
    and fire hazard areas

Our spray room air handling solutions

Optimum air handling is important for both results and working environment.
We make an analysis to find the best performing solution for your wet paint line.