Certified commitment

As part of our sustainability strategy we are ISO 14001 certified. This certification enables us to manage environmental risks across the organization and keep aiming at improving the environment in general.

We are committed to reduce and prevent the strain on our working environment as well as our surroundings. By way of action, we also carefully select suppliers, products and services based on the ability to meet our environmental requirements.

Implementing the means in order to achieve the goals set for sufficient protection of the environment is a continuous process. Our process started back in 2002, and to this day we are just as dedicated and determined to improve our efforts.

Our ten commandments

Our environmental commandments are for internal use and they are also a quite good description of the mindset at AABO-IDEAL:

  • We always keep our facilities tidy
  • That includes keeping the machines clean
  • A better working environment comes with keeping the working area clean
  • Using the correct skips we ensure not to have an adverse impact on the environment
  • Avoid unnecessary mess
  • Picking up refuse is a natural part of our organizational culture
  • Reporting on environmental accidents is important to identify risks and new opportunities for improvement
  • Making suggestions for improvements
  • Seeking information on environment with our environmental coordinator
  • Be concerned about the environment – solve the problems if you can