Agricultural machinery

Bosal is in the industry of agricultural machinery and we have delivered their finishing system.

Bosal-Sekura in Denmark

The Bosal-Sekura finishing system was installed in the summer 2014 in Randers in Denmark. AABO-IDEAL is the leading manufacturer of finishing systems in Scandinavia and we are very proud to deliver this finishing system to Bosal-Sekura.

Customer products

The agricultural industry is one of our main customer industries and Bosal-Sekura specialises in the design and manufacture of top-quality space frame cabs for industrial and agricultural vehicles.

Dimensions of the products going through the finishing line are:

L x W x H (mm)

3000 x 2000 x 2500

Weight: 1000 kg

The finishing system

The finishing line runs by a tasktime of 12 minutes.

Chamber washers with four processes in each chamber ensure that the Bosal-Sekura products get a high quality corrosion resistance. The following processes are drying oven and manual powder booth. The curing oven is heated by gas and the line has a power and free conveyor.

AABO-IDEAL has delivered this finishing system to Bosal-Sekura in Denmark.

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