Manual conveyor

This conveyor system relies on manual conveying of the products through a finishing line. The system can be combined with a chain pulling the wagon through parts of the process, either as step or as continuous, creating a semi-automatic function to the manual conveyor system.

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For weight up to 2000 kg we use a c-profile that is mounted through the whole line. For heavier products and parts, an I-beam system can come into function.

The system is very often constructed with shunting tracks, rotation devices, hoists and other help for the operators.

This makes it possible to choose different operations depending on the products or items and independent of time.

Application and use

Manual conveyor systems are used for manual transfer of products through a finishing line. If semi-automatic transfer is required, a chain in part of the line can also be applied. AABO-IDEAL Group will advise on the optimal choice of equipment for the production in question.


Each wagon consists of a two or more multi-wheeled trolley to which the load bar is attached.

The products are hanged on the load bar. The shunting tracks can be operated manually or automatically by means of pneumatic. The shunting tracks can either be bi-directional or function as turntables. To make the product handling easy, it is possible to use rising/lowering devices. If there are different heights in the line, these can also be used as stagger cranes.

The manual conveyor is useful for a range of lines from the simplest painting systems to the very advanced and multifunctional lines.