Tunnel ovens

This type of oven is shaped like a tunnel for the products or items to pass through.

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The products or items pass through the oven either continuously or by power & free conveyor with stops. The tunnel oven comes in L-oven and A-oven versions.

The ovens are convection ovens in which high air circulation leads to quick and effective heat transference to the product. Powerful fans distribute the heated air through ducts in the entire length of the oven. This construction gives a uniform and constant temperature within a few degrees, and optimizes the process.

We supply a construction with a uniform and constant temperature within a few degrees.

Temperature zones

The ovens can be divided into different temperature zones.

Temperature zones form the most optimal temperature curve for the product. This is why our design is unique and customized. It also enables us to take environmental and climate aspects into consideration.

Application and use

Tunnel ovens are used for lines in which the products/items are conveyed continuously or stop-go forward by the conveyor.

The most usual applications are:

Entrance / exit

The ovens are provided with highly efficient airlocks or A-locks, both ensuring good operating economics. The choice of locks depends on the type of product and the building conditions.

Heating of the oven

The ovens can be provided with direct gas heating or indirect oil/gas heating through an efficient heat exchanger. The ovens can also be provided with electrical heating.


Our construction standard is very high. As default the oven construction is galvanized steel. As an option, the inside parts of the construction can be produced fully or partly from mild or stainless steel.


The sides of the oven are designed and constructed to create the lowest possible heat transference from the inside to the outside.

The thickness of the mineral wool insulation is adapted according to the requested maximum temperature. As default all our ovens are constructed for an operation temperature of 250º C.


The detachable steel cassettes on the outside of the oven make it easy to check and replace the insulation material. Service of the circulation and heating units is solely and unimpeded carried out from the outside of the oven.

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