The AABO-IDEAL subsidiary in Germany

Our local subsidiary in Germany is situated in Achim and consists of a strong team with many years of experience in the surface treatment industry.

AABO-IDEAL GmbH is our local Sales and Service office covering the entire DACH region, i.e. Germany, Austria and Switzerland. Both existing and coming customers in the DACH region will benefit from our strong setup within sales, service, project management and consulting in Achim.

Some history behind our German subsidiary

Previously, AABO-IDEAL GmbH was known as AB Anlagenplanung, an acknowledged consulting and advisory business covering the North region of Germany.

In mid-2023, the team became a part of the AABO-IDEAL Group as a subsidiary, expanding their area of business and consolidating AABO-IDEAL’s position as a supplier in the DACH region.

Read more about the history of AABO-IDEAL GmbH here.


Im Finigen 6, 28832 Achim, Germany
Tel.: +49 4202 70029