Chamber pretreatment

Chamber pretreatment is a compact system for spray treatment.

The system offers one or more treatments in the same chamber. We have produced a system containing up to 10 treatments in a chamber system.

Spray pipes

We have two systems for the spray pipe construction.

In one system the product stands still and the pipes are moved over the product while spraying. The construction is a rigid frame placed outside the tunnel, and the system is PLC controlled.

The other system needs more liquid; in this system the chamber is filled with pipes approximately 700 mm apart and then the product moves back and forth. Hereby we achieve a high-capacity line even in a chamber pretreatment.


The rinse ramps are of stainless steel and the quick clip-on nozzles are made of plastic. This is a very rigid construction. Also memory nozzles are a possibility and make the cleaning and the service very easy. Both types are easy exchangeable.


The pumps are all highly efficient and made of acid proof steel. All motors are 100% IEC standard with no modification, and very easy to replace if needed.

All pumps are tested and certified according to the AABO-IDEAL quality control. They are mounted vertically in the tanks and immersed in the liquid.

Reverse cascade system saves water

The rinse water is lead through the line in a reverse cascade rinse to minimize consumption of rinse water. We always design our systems with a minimum of two rinse steps, often even three.

The design includes pre and after rinse systems, electronically controlled and ensuring minimal consumption of water, energy and chemicals.


Heating by oil, gas, water, steam or electricity, all on request. Often the way of heating is decided according to availability, market price and chemicals in use.


We always deliver stainless steel constructions for all liquid touching parts (tank, tunnel and pumps). The AABO-IDEAL tunnels are fully welded to ensure a long-lasting quality pretreatment system.


Insulation with mineral wool and covered by powder coated steel cassettes on the outside of the tunnel and the tanks is our standard solution. With this construction, energy loss and noise from the line is minimal. We also offer the option of an outside finish of stainless steel or galvanized construction.

Maintenance & service

The nozzles can be adjusted and dismantled without the use of tools. Cleaning can be carried out externally.

The mounting of the pumps ensures easy maintenance and eliminates the possibility of liquid outside the tank from leakage in the pump system.

A double filter system makes it easy to clean the filters one at the time and during operation of the line.

Door construction

The doors are either automatically (electrically or pneumatically) or manually operated doors.