Infrared ovens

This type of oven is constructed as a tunnel oven for the products to pass through and is heated by gas or electricity. We design the type, number and position of the lamps in close corporation with the customer.

In order to obtain the optimal reflection of the infrared waves, the oven is constructed in stainless steel (high gloss).

An infrared oven is very often used as a booster before a convection oven. Also for very heavy items, e.g. gas bottles, this oven type is an advantage as it transfers a very high amount of energy in a very short time.

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Infrared ovens can be electrically heated with short wave radiation, or catalytic gas heated with middle range waves.

Both have their separate advantages, and not just the availability of either should decide the type – we will help you to choose the optimal solution.


Apart from the infrared radiation, the zones can be provided with certain convection in order to give higher heat transfer. If this type of oven pays off depends widely on the geometry of the products/items.


The insulation is different in the infrared oven compared to convection ovens.

In infrared ovens the reflection plays a role, and the combination of polished stainless steel, the geometry and traditional insulation all give a good heating economy.

Temperature zones

In connection with our intelligent PLC controls and sensors, we can offer to make the infrared oven in sections, allowing us to use only the part of the oven where the product will be. This option is mostly used with electrical heating, as it will react almost instantly.


As standard, the ovens are constructed of high gloss stainless steel in order to give maximum reflection of the heat waves.

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