High temperature ovens

This type of oven can be constructed as tunnel or box oven; it is made of stainless steel with a very small dilation coefficient.

The skeleton is made of strong mild steel frames on which the stainless steel cassettes are placed in a holder allowing the whole inside of the oven to move freely to avoid oven damage due to the expansion.

High temperature ovens can handle an operating temperature up to 550 ºC.

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Take a look at the functions of the tunnel oven or the box oven to find out more about the functions of this type of oven.

Relevancy for high temperature ovens could be:

  • Vitrification
  • PTFE or similar application
  • Heat treating

The main function is the ability to expand given the flexible construction inside the oven. This makes it possible to operate at temperatures up to 550 oC.

AABO-IDEAL is always aiming at the lowest possible energy consumption, and here the insulation of the oven is an important aspect.

We provide the ovens with a total of five layers of insulation:

  • Two layers of high temperature insulation
  • Subsequently three layers of mineral wool
  • A total of 400 mm insulation

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