A GO GREENER project in every regard

The future requires actions towards a more sustainable operation within many industries, including surface treatment.

That is why AABO-IDEAL during the past 3 years has been developing solutions, which make it possible to reduce CO2 emissions and energy consumption in the surface treatment process. We call it GO GREENER, and we are quite proud of these solutions, enabling us to offer our customers a more sustainable operation.

THE PLUS – the world’s most environmentally friendly furniture factory!

One of our customers, to whom we are very proud of being a supplier, is Vestre.

Vestre’s THE PLUS is an environmentally groundbreaking furniture factory placed in the middle of the forest just outside Magnor in Norway.

THE PLUS is designed and build according to the belief that the industry can be a part of the green growth solution, creating new jobs and economic growth while protecting the climate and managing the world’s natural resources sustainably.

Not only is the architecture of this factory unique, hypermodern and highly functional – it also contains a surface treatment line delivered and installed by Greiff, Part of AABO-IDEAL Group. The line is designed to accommodate all the environmental requirements set by the people behind this special project, including every and any operational requirement.

It is a fact that environmental issues such as CO2 emissions and large consumption of energy are increasingly capturing everyone’s attention, and at AABO-IDEAL we are highly focused on creating efficient energy-saving solutions and ensure energy recovery where possible.

Our approach to these issues were among the reasons why we were chosen as a supplier to Vestre’s THE PLUS – the world’s most environmentally friendly furniture factory!

A visit to THE PLUS with AABO-IDEAL

It is possible to visit THE PLUS and experience this very unique factory in the forest. As of start October, AABO-IDEAL will arrange GO GREENER events including visits to THE PLUS, and information about our environmentally and energy-conscious solutions available for the AABO-IDEAL surface treatment lines.

If you have any questions or wish more in-depth information, we are always ready. Contact us on +45 6261 6125 or sales@aabo.ideal.com.