Actions at AABO-IDEAL regarding limitation of the COV-19

Dear collaborators, customers and suppliers,

Due to the latest development of the situation regarding Covid-19, AABO-IDEAL has chosen to take several precautions in order to support the attempt to limit the infection. At AABO-IDEAL we take this situation very seriously, and we consider it a shared responsibility and place the obligations to our cooperation with you as our highest priority.

On that basis, we have today taken the following actions at AABO-IDEAL:

  • As of March 13th, our service technicians and supervisors have been requested to return to Denmark. All service technicians have been contacted regarding the further process. They will return to the various sites as soon as it is safe to do so.All customers with ongoing and coming projects will be contacted regarding the further process.
  • All ongoing/critical service tasks will be handled by phone, via Skype and/or via our local service partners.
  • All employees in Administration who can work from home, have been requested to do so. This may result in irregularities in our response time; however we will do our utmost to support you at any time.
  • During the coming period all meeting activities with external suppliers, customers and collaborators will take place via mail, phone or Skype as the company is closed for visitors.
  • Goods are still being shipped from AABO-IDEAL. All chauffeurs arriving at the company will be instructed in where to stay and other precautions before leaving the premises.
  • A number of precautions has been taken regarding our service technicians and colleagues working at local sites in Denmark.

We see it as our primary task to try to limit the infection, and we are very aware that our people have a wide interaction with the surrounding community. We will appreciate to hear from you as soon as possible if you have any knowledge of our people having had any contact with perons in you area tested positive for the Covid-19 virus. With this information we have an opportunity to react and take various precautions.

We will do our utmost to support and serve you and apologize for any inconvenience our actions may cause. We thank you for understanding and hope for a soon improvement of the situation.

Best regards
Mogens Garder