The importance of excellent pumps

At AABO-IDEAL we have developed and produced our own pumps in-house since 2012, and as of January 1st 2021 we reached pump no. 2000.

To control the production as well as the quality level is quite important since we set very high standards for all pumps in our lines. Therefore, all pumps are made ONLY in AISI361L, and no pump leaves our factory without having passed thorough test and control.

The AABO-IDEAL pump is available in three sizes. It is installed vertically and by being free of shaft seal, any leakage will end in the tank – not on the floor.

The design with focus on the function as spray pump, and not being a general pump, has made it possible to achieve an efficiency of 5-15% higher than similar standard pumps.

The special design will make sure that a short time of running dry will not destroy our pump.

Existing lines from before 2012 can be re-build to use the new pumps, instead of buying more expensive and less efficient replacement pumps as 1:1.

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