AABO-IDEAL Mexico and the Danish Embassy

AABO-IDEAL Mexico and the Danish Embassy in collaboration on workshops regarding sustainability In Mexico there is a groving interest in the topic of sustainability, and with this starting point, AABO-IDEAL Mexico and the Danish Embassy in Mexico entered into a collaboration to hold workshops regarding sustainability in painting lines. The event stretched over 3 consecutive … Continued


Sustainability conferences in Kaunas and Riga AABO-IDEAL and HangOn invited people from the industry to a day of lectures in Kaunas and Riga on 14 and 16 May respectively. The main focus was sustainability in the coating lines, and the possibilities of increasing efficiency and profit at the same time. From AABO-IDEAL, Brian E. Larsen … Continued

GO GREENER – now with intelligent heat pumps

The strong focus on the Green Transition in recent years has created a big demand for initiatives ensuring greater sustainability, improved energy utilization and lower CO2 emission. This is the case especially after 2019 when the EU launched The Green Deal, which contains a number of specific goals. AABO-IDEAL Group has for several years developed … Continued


WATCH AND LISTEN to the interview of Mr. Claus Aabo Andersen, Product Manager at AABO-IDEAL, talking about our energy optimized surface treatment lines:

AABO-IDEAL and Toyota

When cooperation and dialogue create the optimum result! Toyota Material Handling and AABO-IDEAL Group have agreed on the supply of a powder coating line for Toyota’s large expansion in Mjölby, Sweden. Throughout the process, it was obvious that both parties were equally professional in their approach both to the requirements for the capacity and performance … Continued


AABO-IDEAL and AB Anlagenplanung GmbH has merged It is with great pleasure that we are able to disclose that as of 1 April 2023, AB Anlagenplanung GmbH have chosen to become a part of AABO-IDEAL GROUP, ordinarily known as AABO-IDEAL. The merging of the two companies provides a completely unique starting point for strengthening AABO-IDEAL’s … Continued

A GO GREENER project in every regard

The future requires actions towards a more sustainable operation within many industries, including surface treatment. That is why AABO-IDEAL during the past 3 years has been developing solutions, which make it possible to reduce CO2 emissions and energy consumption in the surface treatment process. We call it GO GREENER, and we are quite proud of … Continued

See our new E-coat video!

Our new E-coat promotion video is now ready After the exciting process of creating a storyboard and planning the shooting of our new E-coat promotion video, it is finally finished. We are quite proud of it, and very grateful for our „actors“ who all were very willing to participate. The video shows the AABO-IDEAL E-coat … Continued

Our first exhibition in 2022

Our first exhibition in a long time After an extended period without exhibitions or events anywhere, we are ready for our first exhibition in a long time: FITMA in Mexico City on 18th to 20th of January 2022. The topic for this exhibition is E-COAT, and our staff will present the AABO-IDEAL e-coat solutions designed … Continued

The importance of excellent pumps

At AABO-IDEAL we have developed and produced our own pumps in-house since 2012, and as of January 1st 2021 we reached pump no. 2000. To control the production as well as the quality level is quite important since we set very high standards for all pumps in our lines. Therefore, all pumps are made ONLY … Continued