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GO GREENER – now with intelligent heat pumps

The strong focus on the Green Transition in recent years has created a big demand for initiatives ensuring greater sustainability, improved energy utilization and lower CO2 emission. This is the case especially after 2019 when the EU launched The Green Deal, which contains a number of specific goals.

AABO-IDEAL Group has for several years developed environmentally friendly solutions and systems with the lowest possible energy consumption of surface treatment lines.

With GO GREENER, we are now introducing a further alternative for sustainable environmental adaptation of our surface treatment:

  • BASIC: Air balancing concept. Ensures balancing of the air in/air out from the process and buildings.
  • BASIC PLUS: Air balancing concept with heat recovery.
  • EXTENDED: Heat recovery system – now with intelligent heat pumps.
    – The heat loss from the plant will be directed back to the process.
    – High efficiency – balances all energy flows in the system in an intelligent way.
    – Low climate footprint.
    – Simplicity: 3 standard packages.
    – Safety: one line – one control system – one CE marking.

Read more about our GO GREENER concept here.