TEXHA is a leading manufacturer of poultry farming equipment.


TEXHA is a leading manufacturer of poultry farming equipment. See the TEXHA company website.

We designed the entire line as a dipping line. 7 stages of pretreatment with passivation and 3 stages of cataphoresis line.

Over the pretreatment there are 3 fully automatic manipulators which manipulate the products through the pretreatment and e-coat.

After the pretreatment the products are loaded on the Power & Free conveyor which transports them through the curing oven, unloading station, loading station and also to the station in front of the pretreatment from where the manipulators again take the products automatically.

The oven is type U with air locks at entrance and exit. The task time of the line is very high, 5 minutes in this case. The main point is to paint big and heavy products in large quantities. Therefore, we designed a dipping line, in which TEXHA can paint 2 loaded wagons at the same time. This means that we practically have 2 loading positions in each tank to achieve a high throughput in the line.

Products & parts

4000 x 700 x 2500 mm (L x W x H)
Maximum weight: 500 kg

The advantages of this system are high capacity of the heavy and big products and high corrosion resistance, because the customer’s products are used in very corrosion aggressive surroundings.

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