Brano The finishing line for Brano Group is from 2009. Brano Group is a global supplier of locking systems, jacks and car equipment. The line is designed with the latest e-coat and pretreatment technology. Products & parts For automotive parts the controlling of the finishing line is essential. See more about the automotive industry and finishing systems. The Brano Group line is equipped with a … Continued


Jitech finishing system This company has one of the largest lines in Scandinavia. Jitech is a job coater company and sub supplier to the automotive industry and other products in large quantities. They needed a high capacity line with a high quality regarding corrosion. Jitech AB in Tingsryd, in Sweden, has installed a complete new powder coating line in 2012. … Continued


Kremenchug Kremenchug is the largest manufacturer of steel rims when measured in diversity. Very few have such a general and large number of models in their production – varying from small cars to very big off highway machines. AABO-IDEAL designed this finishing system for Kremenchug: 10 stage tunnel pretreatment with zinc a double line for e-coat in automotive quality … Continued

Matador Automotive

MATADOR Automotive Electrophoretic coating (E-coat or KTL/ATL) is an extremely efficient and environmentally friendly way of surface treatment. On the in-house KTL line we perform coating of structural parts, which have to withstand extreme weather conditions and the toughest effects of the environment. The available facility performs coatings of more than 1 million m2 per … Continued

Jensen Metal

As an order-producing subsupplier, Jensen Metal continually works on product optimisation, production and surface finishing of components, machinery and systems in steel and stainless steel. They have an in-depth knowledge of a wide variety of specialist fields, processes and industries. The plant was delivered and installed late Summer of 2018, and the project included full … Continued


Vibaco has a manufacturing plant of 2,670 m2; a mechanical metal plant of 3045 m2, and a distribution center of 1907 m2, to cover manufacturing needs such as: Laser cut, tube cut, foil doubles, tube doubles, chome automated, electrostatic automated, packing line, electric assembly line, surface mount technology and plastic injection. The plant was delivered … Continued