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HMF is in the industry of off-highway machinery and we have delivered their finishing system.


A high quality industrial finishing system for powder coating is now installed at HMF. Previous they had a manual painting line for liquid painting.

Flexibility is key for this powder line

The finishing line at HMF has a high degree of flexibility and makes it possible to paint in two separate powder coating systems.

Some of the products at HMF cannot bear the high temperatures of powder coating and therefore HMF still has a liquid painting system for those products.

The finishing system

A seven stages pretreatment line leads to a gas heated drying oven. This is followed by a cooling zone and so is the curing oven. The line has a power and free conveyor system.

Two powder coating systems and also a liquid painting system with an indirectly heated curing oven ensures the right application for the HMF products.

Products and parts

The dimensions are:

L x W x H (mm)
3500 x 1500 x 1500

Weight: max 1500 kg

Conveyor speed: 5 m / trolley

The HMF company and industry

HMF is a Danish manufacturer of “power to lift” products as they describe themselves. They manufacture cranes etc. and you can learn more about the customer industry of off highway here.

We can help you get the best finishing system customized to your products.

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