Sinter lines

Products that are preheated above the melt temperatures of the powder are dipped in the ”fluidized bed”, where the powder melts and fuses into a continuous coating.

High transfer efficiency results from little drag out and no dripping. The ”fluidized bed” powder coating method is used to apply heavy coats in one dip, 200 to 900 μm, uniformly to complex shaped products.

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Application and use

Sinter lines provide complex shaped products or items with powder coating.

The most usual applications are:

  • When heavy coat is needed in one dip, 200 to 900 μm
  • When complex shaped products or items need uniformly coating


“Fluidized bed” powder booth system with pre-heater oven and cooling zone.

A sinter line includes conveyor and rising table or rising station according to requirements.

Capacity of pieces per hour will be customized according to requirements and to the size, weight and shape of the products or items.