We care and take care

A finishing line often includes processes requiring either heating, the use of pumps or fans etc., which means it requires a lot of energy.

In any finishing line you will also typically find different forms of chemical treatment and water rinsing processes as well as the usage of a great deal of water. This means production of waste materials.

We design and manufacture all plants and components having energy efficient and environmentally friendly solutions very much in mind. Our finishing lines comply with all applicable European legislative and environmental requirements governing the surface treatment processes.

Not only do we take care of our own environment – we also take care of yours.

The sustainable mindset

AABO-IDEAL has more than six decades of experience within our line of business. Over this period of time an awareness of the environmental impact from the industry has grown, and as a result legislative requirements have been implemented in many of our markets.

Just as we always aim to be in front when it comes to the technological development, our product development also aims to include several aspects of energy optimization and CO2 savings.

We have been thinking green for some time, and as mentioned, our plants already have a wide range of bulit-in functions and components cutting down the energy consumption and CO2 emission.

We are continuing our work in that direction, and to reduce consumption and CO2 emission even further, we have developed a variety of energy optimizing options you can add to your line.

These options are based on screenings and calculations made on selected and real time running AABO-IDEAL surface treatment lines of what we categorize as standard size.

Let us do the same for you

We have the means to calculate your energy and CO2 savings per year – and not the least the savings on the bottom line – based on our energy optimizing options, and the key values and numbers for your plant.

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